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  Antti Järvinen 6d6546011f Convert rem's to em's in breakpoints to fix layout jerking issue in e.g. iPad and when resizing viewport. 8 years ago
  Gio d'Amelio 4ce7ab945a Fetch google fonts over https 8 years ago
  philgs 9ea795e148 Lowercase variables for .Site.Params 8 years ago
  spf13 47f2ba81ad removing old screenshot 8 years ago
  spf13 af1c2e3729 bringing theme up to date for inclusion in the gallery 8 years ago
  Anthony Fok e1a4df05e8 Use `partial` call to include partial templates 8 years ago
  Glen Baker 9bd0f367e2 Removed extra unused html tags from list template, h4 and unused span 8 years ago
  Alan Pearce 17a69ee630 Add missing div closing tag 8 years ago
  spf13 a1b20a1747 adding images 8 years ago
  spf13 9989bda110 renaming chrome to partials 8 years ago
  spf13 7e7e3ff3ab adding archetypes to the existing themes 8 years ago
  Dato Simó 0576ec066d Hyde theme: sync with upstream to v2.0.0. 9 years ago
  spf13 5a4a5b1862 small tweak to hyde read me 9 years ago
  spf13 da66ac1983 Adding the hyde theme 9 years ago