Sparrow is a libre front-end forum software powered by the Matrix protocol and using a Matrix homeserver as its back-end 1.4KB


Build Status

Sparrow is a front-end forum software using a Matrix homeserver as its back-end. This means that, as long as you have a homeserver set up somewhere, hosting Sparrow will only consist in serving its front-end content and pointing it to the said homeserver.

N.B.: Although this is technically possible, it is highly recommended not to point Sparrow to the homeserver, as the computation of the list of topic will be made really slow because of the number of public rooms on this server and the current performances of the Matrix public rooms directory computation in Synapse.

Development status

This project is still under heavy development, and might change in a drastic way without any warning. It is far from being ready for production.


git clone
cd sparrow
npm install
npm run build


Coming soon (even though I hate READMEs saying that)...

Get in touch

You can join the chat on Sparrow by joining the room on Matrix. If you prefer to get in touch privately, you can drop an email at