Fixer to the Matrix ↔️ Facebook Messenger puppet bridge's handling of 1:1 chats
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Fixer for Matrix's Facebook Messenger puppet bridge

I'm using the Matrix↔️Facebook Messenger puppet bridge to talk with my friends on Facebook using Riot plugged to my Matrix homeserver.

When I'm having a 1:1 chat with a Facebook friend, the bridge creates a with the friend, the appservice's bot and myself. Because of that, and also because it doesn't automatically set the room's avatar and name, I have troubles identifying what's happening in that room.

This small tool will take the local part of the room ID created by the Matrix↔️Facebook Messenger bot once the friend has joined it, identify the friend, and grab their avatar and display name to set the room's.

Note: I'm not shaming anyone here, as the bridge is currently still in development. This is totally a temporary solution.


You'll first need a Go install, and gb:

go get

Then clone this repo on your computer (or server), walk into it, install its dependencies and build it:

git clone
cd matrix-puppet-facebook-1to1-fixer
gb vendor restore
gb build


An example configuration is located in the config.sample.yaml file.

Copy it somewhere, and edit it accordingly with the key's comments.


You have to run this tool manually for each room you want to edit.

You can run this tool by typing

./bin/fixer --room-id-localpart ROOM_ID_LOCALPART

where ROOM_ID_LOCALPART is the room's ID's localpart (which usually looks like something like ZUFHhmRzEyUdzljKRz).

If you moved your configuration file to a different path than ./config.yaml, you can specify the configuration file's path by appending the --config CONFIG_PATH to your command, where CONFIG_PATH is the path to your configuration file.

Stuff it doesn't do

Because it's not supported by gomatrix yet, this tool won't set the room as direct chat, nor will it change its push notification settings. These features will be added as soon as gomatrix supports them.