Moodle authentication plugin for Macaroons
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Macaroons authentication plugin for Moodle

This plugin is part of a proof of concept on Macaroons I made here. It should be, however, totally usable.

The PHP implementation of Macaroons used in this plugin (which includes everything in Macaroons) has been developped by immense.


Drop all the files in this repository to the auth directory (at the root of your Moodle setup), in a directory named macaroons.

In short, you can cd to Moodle's auth directory then run

git clone macaroons

You may then need to rebuild Moodle's cache. To do so, run

php [your Moodle setup]/admin/cli/purge_caches.php


You'll then see a "Macaroons" line popping in the authentication management page in Moodle's admin panel. If you're not much familiar with this page, please head over here.

Please give a look at the plugin's settings before using it. Mandatory settings are:

  • Cookie name
  • Secret
  • Identifier format
  • E-mail template

All are described on the plugin's settings page.