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  free 9eba64465d Update 'searx/engines/duckduckgo.py' 2 years ago
  Adam Tauber f82ead3e30 [fix] add py3 compatibility to base engine - closes #1319 2 years ago
  Adam Tauber aef2b07969 [fix] add basestring for py3 2 years ago
  Adam Tauber a3b83b73cb [fix] remove obsolete test 2 years ago
  Adam Tauber 57e7e9da98 [fix] use html result page in google images (previous endpoint stopped working) 2 years ago
  Adam Tauber 8dec30123e
Merge pull request #1312 from Venca24/fix_google_scholar 2 years ago
  Adam Tauber 4c0ffa308e
Merge pull request #1313 from dalf/update_requirements 2 years ago
  Alexandre Flament 6730e97cec Update requirements.txt 2 years ago
  Venca24 4f4df6273b [fix] google scholar engine 2 years ago
  Adam Tauber fc73d7abdc
Merge pull request #1309 from usernameisntallowed/1158/50px 2 years ago
  Author Name 7635ebb126 Min width 50 px to oscar theme category. #1158 2 years ago
  Adam Tauber cd819ae74b
Merge pull request #1304 from kvch/fix-piratebay-url 2 years ago
  Noémi Ványi 7fd7bd75ff follow up tests 2 years ago
  Noémi Ványi 16915116e0 fix piratebay url 2 years ago
  Adam Tauber b25dccd1ae
Merge pull request #1301 from kvch/fix-gigablast-engine 2 years ago
  Noémi Ványi b843c1351a add missing parameter to gigablast search url 2 years ago
  Adam Tauber 8a68cd2dcd
Merge pull request #1290 from rinpatch/acgsou-unicode 2 years ago
  rinpatch 059c2ccb95
Fix acgsou encoding error on python2 and add unicode characters to unit testt 2 years ago
  Adam Tauber 5897343ab2
Merge pull request #1289 from rinpatch/acgsou-http 2 years ago
  rinpatch b7eb05dac6
Fix unit test url 2 years ago
  rinpatch 3b89ce9bfa
Switch acgsou to http 2 years ago
  Adam Tauber 1a1f9852f1
Merge pull request #1283 from rinpatch/acgsou-engine 2 years ago
  Adam Tauber 819f022074
Merge pull request #1284 from rinpatch/nyaa-https-fix 2 years ago
  rinpatch c669c30e78
Merge branch 'master' into nyaa-https-fix 2 years ago
  rinpatch f6695cea59
Fix nyaa to use https 2 years ago
  rinpatch a79c676f27
Remove Japanese characters 2 years ago
  rinpatch 1ac0c90037
Fix unit test 2 years ago
  rinpatch f17e54a396
Forgot to remove print command used for debugging 2 years ago
  rinpatch dcc9fdb47f
Added unit test 2 years ago
  rinpatch e3bd2670d7
Traling whitespace 2 years ago
  rinpatch 86f47689fe
Hopefully fix code style errors(again)(again) 2 years ago
  rinpatch b8b23d8006
Hopefully fix code style errors(again) 2 years ago
  rinpatch fb364ffae7
Hopefully fix code style errors 2 years ago
  rinpatch 3ec35a06f7
Added Engine 2 years ago
  Adam Tauber cc97a5a5f5
Merge pull request #1280 from rinpatch/remove-buttons-infinite-scroll 2 years ago
  rinpatch c0f8d8df5b
Hide page buttons when infinite scrolling is enabled 2 years ago
  rinpatch 7a036579b2 Hide buttons when infinite scrolling is enabled 2 years ago
  Adam Tauber 5f3ada4721
Merge pull request #1279 from rinpatch/duckduckgo-currency 2 years ago
  rinpatch 06e070aee2 Fix string length 2 years ago
  rinpatch c40d8e1d15 Unit test 2 years ago
  rinpatch cd1374d2f2 added whitespaces 2 years ago
  rinpatch a305dae9d8 switched currency convert to duckduckgo and added Bitcoin to currency list 2 years ago
  Adam Tauber 829d479312
Merge pull request #1277 from kvch/fix-findx-engine 2 years ago
  Noémi Ványi 25b48143ea fix findx engine 2 years ago
  Adam Tauber e6aaf20898
Merge pull request #1273 from MarcAbonce/google-hotfix 2 years ago
  Marc Abonce Seguin f7f9c50393 [fix] force English results in Google when using en-US 2 years ago
  Adam Tauber 49b6206d6c
Merge pull request #1265 from asciimoo/add-pronunciation 2 years ago
  Noémi Ványi 91db5e58b7
add pronunciaton of searx to README 2 years ago
  Adam Tauber e5def5b019
Merge pull request #1260 from MarcAbonce/engine-fixes 2 years ago
  Marc Abonce Seguin 9687786226 update unit tests for google news and wikidata 2 years ago