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  digitalcraftsman 8349cf1aa1 Remove custom Disqus template 5 years ago
  digitalcraftsman fe56862a53 Trim more whitespace in template logic 5 years ago
  digitalcraftsman 82832c1244 Make use of the base template 5 years ago
  digitalcraftsman 50fec3e32d Update link to Hugo site 5 years ago
  Alexander Ivanov 01dd84d129 Update link to Hugo site 5 years ago
  digitalcraftsman c336c33527 Use .Site.BaseURL to generate sidebar "Home" link 5 years ago
  Vivek Ghaisas 5aab5b03ab Fix indentation in layouts 5 years ago
  Mohammed El-Dahash 561c22d401 Print CSS to fix printing problems 6 years ago
  Mohammed El-Dahash b155b334bd Add print css link 6 years ago
  Mohammed El-Dahash b35d6d2d6b Add print css link 6 years ago
  Bjørn Erik Pedersen 80695973ac Fix disqusShortname conditional 5 years ago
  Vivek Ghaisas e199c3b532 Use .Site.BaseURL to generate sidebar "Home" link 5 years ago
  digitalcraftsman daead1a8b0 Bump required Hugo version to v0.19+ 6 years ago
  Oliver Schneider 6404f691fa Replacing deprecated function call with now preferred version (#39) 6 years ago
  digitalcraftsman d34cfef927 Rename RSSlink to RSSLink 6 years ago
  Bjørn Erik Pedersen 99a6d2a372 Rename RSSlink to RSSLink 6 years ago
  Jason Yee dbf82dbcff Add layout-reverse body class code to single and list templates. 7 years ago
  Jakub Kucharski 61243733ec Don't repeat title in <title> tag on the home page 6 years ago
  Pedro Melo fff9d5b21f Add installation section 6 years ago
  Ján Koščo a04b9e1574 Add configuration to Reverse layout 7 years ago
  Matthew Buckett d06d24a0a3 Use language from configuration. 7 years ago
  digitalcraftsman bf6f0a4426 Merge pull request #26 from bigwhite/master 7 years ago
  Tony Bai 1d6e11a374 make 404 page use Site.Params.themeColor 7 years ago
  Bjørn Erik Pedersen 1bb0a5b332 Merge pull request #23 from philgs/double-slash 7 years ago
  philgs ca2ed0b862 Remove double-slashes in stylesheet URLs 7 years ago
  digitalcraftsman 52c5552a43 Fixes #22 7 years ago
  digitalcraftsman 4124bae9ce Updated theme.toml 7 years ago
  digitalcraftsman 6fdb7f9d4b Removed non-working link from README 7 years ago
  digitalcraftsman 62ef2ef06f Added Disqus support 7 years ago
  digitalcraftsman a874cebd98 Updated README 7 years ago
  digitalcraftsman cd672f87b7 Merge pull request #15 from digitalcraftsman/change-theme-in-configs-globally 7 years ago
  digitalcraftsman 75ea79ab8b Merge pull request #11 from marc-jones/patch-1 7 years ago
  digitalcraftsman 48ee248670 Set min_version to 0.14 7 years ago
  digitalcraftsman 2bec57881b Merge pull request #14 from digitalcraftsman/sidebar-link-to-home 7 years ago
  digitalcraftsman c87ec5559f Linking the title in the sidebar to home 7 years ago
  digitalcraftsman 2d0f48c7f8 Merge pull request #16 from digitalcraftsman/404-page 7 years ago
  digitalcraftsman 11adcd3d14 Added .BaseURL to link in 404 page 7 years ago
  digitalcraftsman 5b9efdbc1f Added a 404 page 7 years ago
  digitalcraftsman d84c5080b6 Merge pull request #17 from kwo/master 7 years ago
  digitalcraftsman bb47bd018b Merge pull request #19 from digitalcraftsman/fix-url-variable 7 years ago
  digitalcraftsman fb2045b770 Merge pull request #18 from anthonyfok/add-hugo-generator 7 years ago
  digitalcraftsman 884e8edcd9 Replaced .Url with .URL in sidebar.html 7 years ago
  Anthony Fok 4e4c359b9a Add {{ .Hugo.Generator }} 7 years ago
  Karl Ostendorf b8dbb20793 change .BaseUrl to .BaseURL 7 years ago
  digitalcraftsman 6f6a0a7feb Added missing change in index.html 7 years ago
  digitalcraftsman 00eb7169f6 Added an option change the theme globally in the configs 7 years ago
  Marc Jones 13774d8035 Corrected link to favicon image 7 years ago
  Steve Francia 1a7140a4d7 Merge pull request #10 from EitZei/master 8 years ago
  Steve Francia d89bc2905e Merge pull request #9 from giodamelio/master 8 years ago
  Steve Francia 717a8f0133 Merge pull request #8 from philgs/patch-1 8 years ago