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  Brendan Abolivier 022e63e298
Add missing partial layout 9 months ago
  Brendan Abolivier 04d7bb204c
Merge remote-tracking branch 'spf13/master' 9 months ago
  Philippe Vinchon 6ac8506eec Update baseof.html 1 year ago
  Sorin Davidoi a56b6f866f fix(static/css/poole): Contrast issues 1 year ago
  Artur Zylinski b6a5534d1b Add meta description to header 2 years ago
  Sorin Davidoi 397b547358 fix(css): Add text-size-adjust 2 years ago
  Sorin Davidoi 1cd4c9b051 fix(heads): Add protocol to gmpg URL 2 years ago
  Dinesh 62d338fedb Add section for Sidebar description 2 years ago
  Dinesh 6190b663b6 Add example for Sidebar menus 2 years ago
  Bjørn Erik Pedersen 8bfa46de48
Add go.mod 2 years ago
  Bjørn Erik Pedersen 3080504e92
Use .Site.RegularPages on home page 2 years ago
  z0li e36f5799b3 Removed deprecated .Hugo and .RSSLink 2 years ago
  Sebastian Engels c0cdd0ea1b Add Quick Start Forestry Button to Readme.md 3 years ago
  Sorin Davidoi 932d5322bf fix(layouts/single): Use <time> 3 years ago
  Sorin Davidoi 36d41b09cf fix(layouts/index): Use <time> and <article> 3 years ago
  Sorin Davidoi 482d8e6016 fix(layouts/list): Add datetime attribute to <time> 3 years ago
  Sorin Davidoi 9bb31d6aed fix(partials/head): Allow zooming 3 years ago
  Sorin Davidoi 6f03ab3055 fix(partials/sidebar): Use more semantic elements 3 years ago
  Sorin Davidoi 92610430fa fix(_default/baseof): Use main tag 3 years ago
  Matt Smith 72d4bdf488 Fix for mixed insecure content 3 years ago
  Brendan Abolivier 4bf9764147
Fix Hyde link 3 years ago
  Brendan Abolivier 90d32f5035
Change gh to git 3 years ago
  brendan 844edac92f Improve accessibility, add Mastodon and Hugo+Hyde mention 3 years ago
  Brendan Abolivier 7373a94f15 Fix RSS <link> and add a link to it in the sidebar menu 3 years ago
  Brendan Abolivier 69cab89e14 Remove double slash in image name 3 years ago
  Brendan Abolivier ea2240deff Move icons and logo to the blog's static contant rather than the theme's 3 years ago
  Brendan Abolivier 95fd155f67 Add type for favicon 3 years ago
  Brendan Abolivier 43d5301af6 Add link code 3 years ago
  Brendan Abolivier 38ffd4ef24 Make CC images local 3 years ago
  Brendan Abolivier fcf39309f4 Removed duplicate 3 years ago
  Brendan Abolivier af6891422c Merge commit '0504885' 3 years ago
  Brendan Abolivier 0adf1bbc01 Merge commit 'ac50e63' 3 years ago
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  Brendan Abolivier 8d70073fcd Merge commit '7c0bc79' 3 years ago
  Brendan Abolivier a9effc2b4f Add RSS layout, font files and images 3 years ago
  brendan 0504885744 Doc changes in README 3 years ago
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  brendan cc5d4189f7 Resolve conflicts 3 years ago
  brendan 7c0bc791cf Buch of edits 3 years ago
  Bjørn Erik Pedersen 8cab2d27e2
Update head.html 3 years ago
  Kevin Wiliarty 155f263d2f Fix #47: adds hook_head_end partial 3 years ago
  digitalcraftsman 5814b3e80c Implement Content Summaries / Split on index page 4 years ago
  JinGen Lim b469743f16 Implement Content Summaries / Split on index page 4 years ago
  digitalcraftsman dae01e12f7 Bump required Hugo version to v0.21 4 years ago
  digitalcraftsman 76efde8ee2 Add CHANGELOG 4 years ago
  digitalcraftsman e91b1383ee Fix url for Google fonts 4 years ago
  digitalcraftsman 804cee4561 Add YAML example for Disqus in README 4 years ago
  digitalcraftsman 7cf2943ef4 Add Google Analytics support 4 years ago
  digitalcraftsman eab1974019 Switch to Hugo's built-in Disqus template 4 years ago